Project Diary 12 - 14th of May

2009-05-15 05:02:43 by Chaossal


Today was a good day I finally decided to get back into Flash and remake Pokemon Snot Green, the new project is called Pokemon Acid Blue, I'm going to try to keep the episodes long and I'm not gonna cut any corners this time, I'm gonna do what ever it takes to turn this project into a good quality series.

I started sprite editing today and animated about 20% of the intro for the first part of Acid Blue.


Today I pretty much finished and perfected the intro.

A friend recommended I try for a collab.

This one to be exact.

I wasn't sure as I'm only good with sprite animations but I desided to try for it anyway, I choose to do part 3.

I started animating for the collab and got the basic backbone but it still needs a hell of alot of work...


Today I desided to try for part 15 in the collab instead, I have done more work towards the piece but it is still far away from actually being considered animation.

Finished making the lecture scene in Acid Blue, there was massive troubles with getting the music to loop neatly but i found a way round it, I will redo all the sound at the end of the project anyway so this will do for now...

I also discovered a craving for Sainsburys Basics Chocolate which actually allowed me to discover I get a slight allergic reaction to dairy products but I just love dairy products to much to stop.

Project Diary 12 - 14th of May


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